5 Minute Paradiddle Warm Up

5 Minute Paradiddle Warm Up


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8 comments on “5 Minute Paradiddle Warm Up

  1. Edward Monteiro Jr says:

    Cool lesson, bro! I’m back at it…

    Eddie M.

  2. Pete Vredenburgh says:

    Thanks Stephen, I am new to rudiments (starting at 62 yrs old) have just recently gotten reasonably comfortable with the basic para-diddle, so it might take me a while to get the alternate accents and mixed patterns, but I’ll report back. Might be next year!

  3. Robert says:

    Thank you for the exercise and sheet. Never too old to re-learn the basics. I can’t believe for years I never used a practice pad. Best investment I ever made to practice rudiments and learn sticking technique. Kind Regards, Robert

  4. Justice says:

    Thanks a lot Stephen, i am a pianist from Nigeria, hoping to set up a music academy just before the covid 19 break out, been looking out for a curriculum and method for my drum students and your materials are truely of great benefit to me, much regards

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