30 Second Drum Lesson – 5 in 6 Drum Fill

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14 comments on “30 Second Drum Lesson – 5 in 6 Drum Fill

  1. Alex Anderson says:

    I’m currently on holiday, and so I’m nowhere near my/a kit. But I’m eager to get beyond patting this pattern out on my thighs, and to try it out for real — s-l-o-w-l-y, at first … Many thanks for the lesson.

  2. Aaron Reeves says:


  3. Sophronia says:

    My teacher and I traded fills at my lesson last wek; I can’t wait to impress him by doing this one.

  4. William Sass says:

    Hello from Canada!
    Nice use of single paradiddles in a sextuplet setting.

    ps. Hope your feeling better soon.

  5. Tom Molotky says:

    Feel better soon and keep the lessons coming. I appreciate all your efforts in making my drumming better. Can you also provide a guy some practice time?!

  6. giovanni papaleo says:

    nice idea!!

  7. Bob Cropsey says:

    Hey Stephen ready for this. I was moving a transmission off my work bench and twisted my back. Chiro said it’s called dead foot. L-4 disk got pinched. Can’t raise my Right foot. May take a few months before I can play again. F____K. I can still practice my hands.

    • Stephen says:

      NOOOO!!! I know what it’s like to have a limb or two out of commission. Good news…as you pointed out, perfect time to work on your hand technique, rudiments, etc. Always an up side.

      Hope things start getting better soon!

  8. DB Brown says:

    Totally sick. Love it. Comping three under four had been my best trick (much easier than this). Always good to hear from you. Best wishes.

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