5 Drum Fills You Can Use TODAY

5 Drum Fills You Can Use TODAY


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10 comments on “5 Drum Fills You Can Use TODAY

  1. Jack says:

    Thank you, Stephen. I enjoy the style of your lessons (your approach and your explanations) and the information is invaluable. You’re very watchable.

  2. Jim O'Keefe says:

    Thanks, I’ve been watching your instructions, I’m learning from you. I just started taking lessons in January.

  3. JJ says:

    so much helpful..more videos to upload sir.

  4. Saul Rosal says:

    Well… Charlie put the drumms on fire cause I’m inspired!!!

  5. Remy says:

    Thank you sir, it’s a big help in my church drumming. God bless you sir!

  6. Antonello says:

    One of my pref lesson! 🥁🎼🎶 Yeah

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