5 Drum Fills That WORK

5 Drum Fills That WORK


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  1. Tommy Stroupe says:

    Very,very useful lesson!you may just teach me how to do this again my friend!thanks!

  2. Kes Bloor says:

    Really great lesson. Very simple fills but in a new and super effective way. Thanks Stephen.

  3. Janice Walker says:

    Thank you. I am just starting out as a drummer, a little late in life, I am 70 years old but just love the drums , so I thot, why not try it out. Thanks again for the lesson and the music, I assume it is coming.

    • Stephen says:

      You bet Janice! And welcome to the drumming family! You would be amazed at how many of my students have decided to pick up the drums later in life. So, you’re in good company ;^)

  4. Adryan Robles says:

    Thank man just started a couple of months ago need to know some drum fill also, can u put like the notes in the bottom so i can know what to hit to thank u?

  5. Alan Taylor says:

    Excellent lesson Stephen, easy to follow. Thanks, Alan.

  6. Tom McNeeley says:

    I have been thinking about trying the drums for a few years now. I enjoy your videos . I think I am ready to buy my first drum set.

  7. Lucy says:

    Learning the drums has been on my bucket list for years. I’ve just had my third lesson with an instructor but enjoyed your video and the use of nmemonics.

    I’m a 69 year old lady and want to surprise my family and friends by ‘playing’ at my 70th party in 9 months time!

  8. Eduardo says:

    Yery useful lesson, tankyou

  9. Scott says:

    These 5 fills are great for the beginner. They are all fairly simple once you learn them (still have a little fun getting splat boom to work cleanly!) but what I initially had the most difficulty with was transitioning from the groove on the “2 &” or the “3” beat into the fills. I realized eventually that 3 and pee rhyme so as I was counting, 1 & 2 & 3 I gotta pee became a rhyme and the rhyme helped me transition easily to play the fill. The Pat Boone Debbie Boone was a bit of a challenge so I changed it to Fat Man Skinny Man so the count was now a rhyme of 1 & 2 & Fat Man Skinny Man. Once I did that, I could easily spit out the fills in mid measure by speaking the applicable rhyme. Just learning this has been a huge leap in my drumming comfort. Playing these 5 fills as my warmup has increased my drum awareness and count awareness tremendously. Pat and Debbie are still great, but fat man skinny man did it for me!

  10. Risto Rajala says:

    Good stuff, sheet and all.Thank you. Just what I needed.

  11. ann reeves says:

    best drum fills

  12. ann reeves says:


  13. Gyorgy says:

    I started to attend a drum school 5 months ago and I am almost 42 years old now. These fills can be very useful on my level.

  14. Yvette says:

    Thank you

  15. Philippe says:

    Thanks from France Stephen ! I will start my first drum school next week and i am 49 years old. I’ve been following you for over a year and think it’s all because of you if i am motivated like never !
    Thank you for continuing to teach us.

  16. Phil Baker says:

    Hi Stephen, Many thanks your starter lessons have helped me get 2 grandchildren (6 and 10) started. Both have new drum sets from Santa! We will follow with interest. Cheers Phil

  17. Tom W says:

    Not a drummer, but I need to add drum notation to a song I wrote. The ‘5 drum fills’ lesson was a help, not because I will use any of them (but I might), but there were some take-aways that I wouldn’t have considered. Taking to heart your warning not to overuse any one fill – I probably would have reused the same fill every 8 because it’s quick and easy. Realizing the bass drum can be used on the ‘and’ – still might not use it, but I will definitely consider. Having the printed music helps me to ‘see’ what is happening. For a novice to ‘see’ what is happening by watching your hands is a little like watching a hockey game on a nine inch B&W TV!
    Thanks again – very helpful.

  18. Tom W says:

    And at the last second I saw a typo in my e-mail address as I hit ‘post’. Corrected in this post.

  19. Quinlan Haselden says:

    I’m a 16 year old boy and I only know one beat. Is it to early to start playing in church?

    • Stephen says:

      I would give yourself some time to begin learning a bit more. But it’s never too soon to get involved and begin playing with others. If you feel ready, give it a try.

  20. Quinlan Haselden says:

    Thank you! Not a lot of people want to help because they think I’m a punk rock guy.

  21. Will Allen says:

    Stephen, thanks again man! You guys are awesome I’m finally making progress on the drums now, I need to dedicate more time for practicing and rudiments.
    Thanks again

  22. Thank You Stephen for the five drum fill sheet music be blessed more You and Yours.

  23. Stephen You Great drum school teacher but lessons 1 thru 8 I’m not able to get printer to print any of the sheet music that’s at bottom of all 8 lessons other web sites print off but printer only puts out blank plain white papper on all the down load s sheet music from You My computer service even said it’s not on this end .but You great Teacher I’m 62 years old and loving it thank You for the lessons.I only wished I was able to get the sheet music on download sheet music to print off onto papper some ink all other web sites my printer puts out ink just fine .But You still a great Teacher.

  24. Dale Weeks says:

    Great stuff Stephen, I’m 57 and just started playing. 4 months in and I love it. I do have one concern. I am deaf in one ear and only 5% hearing in the other. I’m learning about feeling my way around the drums. I have a hearing aid. It helps. Ant advice you can give. To help.

    • Stephen says:

      Hey Dale…so my advice would be to go slowly and try to not only learn the drums, but dig in to your unique situation. HOW you personally need to learn the drums. I also want you to study on a player named Evelyn Glennie. She is the number 1 percussionist in the world…and she’s deaf. There is a documentary on her called Touch The Sound you should watch. As well, here’s a short video on her and how she “hears” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gl2a6w6sTAs

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