30 Days to Better Singles

30 Days to Better Singles


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  1. Frank says:

    If this is anything like 30Days Doubles it’s going to change my life…AGAIN!!!

    Can’t wait to get started on my baby steps.

  2. Andres says:

    Thanks Stephen for sharing this with us. I intend to follow the program but before i get started I want to become familiar with the exercises and determine the start tempo for every one of them. This might take me a couple of weeks, maybe less.

  3. Andrea Napolitano says:

    Thanks Stephens!! Let’s begin!!

  4. Scott Evans says:

    Looking forward to this. I’m in such a rut right now, i need some direction.

  5. Mighty says:

    I think watching videos should do it for me… Because it’s only now that I’m still learning to read the music sheet ??

  6. Nelina Lee says:

    Thanks man? im a fan of yours from Philippines. thanks for your free drum lesson, it help me a lot

  7. Vasilis says:

    Stephen, your lessons are amazing! So clearly understood, straightforward and well explained! Thanks. . . I’ll get down to work the sooner possible.

  8. Pedro B. Rodriguez says:

    Thank you for all your help with beating time

  9. Ben Berns says:

    the PDF is not opening. Gets error in page

  10. Jon Pryor says:

    Off topic but THIS is the kind of thing I refer to when I read or hear people claiming that there’s no real need to be able to read charts. The majority of drum lessons (at least from reputable sources) include at least some charts. It’s not enough to stare at the video. You need to be able to decipher and digest what’s being executed.

    • Stephen says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more. Learning to read gives you the ability to continue to teach yourself long after your teacher is gone.

  11. Jon Pryor says:

    On topic. Lol. At only 20 minutes, I’m considering pairing this with the 30 Day doubles and likely the bass foot workout. Just wondering if it’s going to be too much but both seem short enough in duration that it won’t kill me.

  12. Dan Morrison says:

    Stephen, I have spent over a month working on your single strike roll exercises (#54) and can’t get past 76 bpm for the Basic Rudiment, 84 bpm for Dr. Kill Hands and 84 bpm for Burn It. Should I keep plugging away with this or would you recommend switching to this 30 day program. It feels a little weird to stop practicing the paid DBD drills for the free exercises… but if you think it works, I’ll give it a try.

    • Stephen says:

      Hey Dan…I don’t think another program will help anymore than the one you’re working on. Have you gone through the hand technique lesson track? Typically when I see someone stuck at a bpm like this with a very basic foundational sticking (singles, doubles, etc.) it points to a breakdown in technique. You would probably be better served to move on in that lesson track and begin incorporating the hand technique lesson track in to your practice time.

  13. Risto Rajala says:

    Thank you for the free sheet music Stephen. You are one amazing drumming instructor. A lot of work to learn to follow the sheet music but I believe it’s worth it. I start practicing asap. Good stuff.

  14. Floyd Humphrey says:

    Teachers make the worse students. I am a language teacher and I am forever telling my students about the need to constantly work and révise, at least 15 minutes a day. Unfortunately, when it comes to my drumming practice, I fail to follow my own advice. Thanks to you and this latest vidéo with practice sheets, I can now have some semblance of order to my practice routines. A big THANK YOU.

  15. kirk peters says:

    With faster speeds I started saying mu vouls a,e,i,o,u.Noy sure how the fifth number got in there.This will take a minute.

  16. Michael Lance says:

    Thank you, Stephen. You are a very good instructor and I like your style. I am just starting at age 67 with a pre-owned kit that I have discovered is sub-par in almost every way. But, with it I am using your suggestions and techniques to determine whether or not I can the develop the basic skills needed to become a serious drummer. I have definitely seen progress as I follow your lead! Thank you again! …..Michael

  17. michael zimmer says:

    Thanks Stephen! These exercises really help with me with counting, reading and playing smooth singles with both hands. Will take awile.

  18. Roosa says:

    Stephen, you knock my socks off. You make great short videos, and I really appreciate your gifts, your sense of humor and your sense of fun. They give me the boost I need when I start taking my practice too heavily, — I lighten up and enjoy practice time so much more. I’m going to give this a blast. Thanks so much.

  19. Ronald Rich says:

    Thank you for sharing this with me. I’very watched some of your videos on YouTube. I have 1 question. How did you find me to send this incredible information. You’re an awesome drummer!??

  20. John Kostaras says:

    Hey thanks very much Stephen.
    It is so great that this is free. It doesn’t take 5 minutes to go buy mics and a great camera, put content together, shoot and edit it, create the exercises and then share it… for NADA!


  21. Frank Durant says:

    Hey Stephen,
    I’m a comeback drummer at 62. It’s awesome to see someone dedicated to sharing the helping hands of skill. Thank you so much. Your targeted on the videos I have already seen and they have started getting me back on track. No ham sandwiches or a Pepsi needed, you keep me seated during practice. I missed the bootcamp offer. Is it possible to get on board? Thanks again

  22. Rich says:


    Great vid – I’m looking forward to seeing the progress – I was about to put my kit up on Craigslist b/c I had basically given up – I hope to report some progress in about 30 days :)

    Also, I re-watched the video at half-speed to make sure I could follow along – it is helpful to do so, even though it makes you sound like you’ve had one too many margaritas!


    • Stephen says:

      Don’t put that kit up for sale yet! Let’s get you seeing some progress…let me know if you need help!

      • Rich says:

        Thanks Michael – I am seeing some progress – I am now on learning up to #4 Keep It Straight – it takes me a while to figure the beats etc. Having said that, I am already seeing the improvement – particularly with the ‘Ups’ and the bits that have you start with the left hand side – that only with 2-3 days of practice – I will reach out if I need help –

  23. lucas says:

    being in a music institute but i’m so freakin late on the percussions technique, so i’ll give it a try!

  24. Mark says:

    These exercises really improved my fills, both timing and accents. Great program Stephen!

  25. Russel says:

    Hey Stephen I got question, can I just stick to master single stroke roll and single paradiddle or I should proceed to other drum rudiments like seventeen stroke roll and double paradiddle because I’m getting a hard time practicing those two, thanks for the lesson by the way

    • Hey Russel! My name is Tim, I’m one of the staff teachers here at SDS. This is a great question and hits on the topic of “when to move on”. Knowing when to move on, in part, depends on the goals you set. “Mastering the single stroke” is a very broad goal that doesn’t really point in a particular direction. Stephen and I talk ALL the time about the core principles that make a great goal which are goals should be: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bound. Setting a goal that hits all of those categories will really help you know when you should “move on” in your practice. So a great goal for a paradiddle would be something like: I want to play a paradiddle as 16th notes at 80 BPM by May 1st. It is very specific (play a paradiddle as 16th notes), measurable (80 BPM), attainable (gives me a month to hit this goal), is relevant, and is time bound by the deadline. Once you’ve set a goal this specific, you can then get to the ‘deadline’ and evaluate whether 1. you hit the goal 2. it was beneficial 3. what the “next step” is.

      Hope that helps. I know it didn’t answer specifically if you “should” or “shouldn’t” move on, but if you can master the skill of setting goals – that is something that will help you in ANY area of life. It isn’t easy, but it is worth the effort!

  26. Bob says:

    So how do you count the diddles?

    I am working on “single diddling” but I normally count 16th notes, 1 e & u 2 e. etc…
    But in this exercise, for example, 1e is now on the right hand instead of the left because of the 32nd note diddle

    I can play it by sound with the correct sticking i.e da da dat, da da dat, etc.
    But trying to figure the best way to count it to get the switch to measure 2 and the turnaround back to measure one…. I assume 16th notes?

    If this was doubles no problem, I would count 16 and the diddles would be a double on the same hand and do not need to cont them per say, but not in this case,

    This is very deceptive unless I am over complicating….



  27. Riccardo says:

    Thanks man, really appreciate that!

  28. pierre-alain beaufayt says:

    hi Stephen,

    I have a question; can I do both 30 days to better doubles and 30 days to better singles or don’t you recommend it?
    Thanks for your everyday help and video

  29. Kory says:

    This is awesome
    Steven has very useful stuff with a great way of teaching!

  30. Rick nordlans says:

    Turned 50 and decided I want to be o rockstar..lol..got myself a kit and looking forward to changing my neighbors opinion of me..thank you so much for the lessons I’m sure will do wonders.ill keep ya posted

  31. Tomas says:

    I normally never comment on anything on the Internet, but I just felt I had to recommend this program!

    I am 25 days into it now, and alteady it is doing magic on my overall playing. This is probably the largest step improvement I have made ever.

    I par the exersise with a few songs where I am struggling with my hand speed and accuracy, slowly increasing the tempo for these songs , similar to the program.

    Will do the double program after this one and my expectations are high.

    Thanks Stephen!

  32. Mushiba says:

    Just getting started ..
    Thanks for the lesson Stephen

  33. Rob says:

    The 3rd exercise is tricky in my head. Easier when you don’t think about it and listen. Slower is harder for me.
    Any tips….

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