3 Triplet Problems EVERY Drummer Has (FIXED)

3 Triplet Problems EVERY Drummer Has (FIXED)


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  1. Kevin mann says:

    Thanks Taylor for all the free stuff, I really like the way you teach. Do you have any thing on theme or music intros. Thank you again, Kevin mann


    Great work as always Stephen.
    Playing combinations if 1/8th and triplets is certainly much harder when the tempo is slow.
    I’ve practiced/played a lot of what you are showing.
    Also a HUGE congrats on addressing posture at the drum set. I’ve seen lots of photos of the old ‘greats’ who really slouched at the kit. Look at some of the old Gene Krupa photos.
    Buddy would have been putting pressure on all of his internal organs with the way he sat. Just imagine if you had an open can of Coke and you squeezed it in the middle…..Soft drink everywhere.???
    Equipment such as thrones, cymbal stands etc have certainly progressed (for the better) over the years.
    Much respect,
    Graeme from Brisbane Australia.?

    • Hey Graeme! Tim here – I’m a staff teacher at SDS. Glad you are digging the lessons! YES. Posture is HUGELY important when playing the drums. I have friends that have been pros for years and all that playing with wacky posture really costs them later in life! Good to address any posture issues ASAP – whether it is a body/centering thing – or picking up gear that allows a more ergonomic set up like you mentioned.

  3. William Blanks says:

    Enjoy all lesson you have. Getting back into the rhythm after a lay off. Love isolating w drumshed

  4. Malcolm Conway says:

    Excellent again ?

  5. Thank you a lot. I’m using you video ????

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