3 Tips for More Effective Practice

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3 Tips for More Effective Practice

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4 comments on “3 Tips for More Effective Practice

  1. Mike says:

    Like anything free, but I love taking lessons from you Stephen, bring it on!

  2. Kelly Lyle says:

    Wait a minute…I was in to the pre-cortex part of your brain, dude. I do like the way you preach practice. And yes, I have failed to “plan my content”…partly because I am at a point where I haven’t completely mastered the lesson I am on and feel I shouldn’t go forward to the next lesson until I have mastered the one I am working on. So I have wondered about pacing…because when I practice the same thing over and over and over again and don’t see forward momentum with new material, I get discouraged…and you are correct, I haven’t scheduled my practice time on a regular basis. This is all good information if we really do want to improve.

  3. Carl Costantino says:

    I think it’s not really knowing or being too excited to just play and get sidetracked trying to always improvanate.

  4. Great lesson, great site, I really like the pace and instructions given here. Re learning to play after forty years of inactivity and having a ball. Thanks for the help, so easy to follow and understand.

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