3 Steps to Improve Your Drumming

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3 Steps to Improve Your Drumming

There is no “get rich quick” scheme when it comes to getting better on the drums. It takes a lot of effort and sweat. There are, however, a few things that you can do to begin to maximize your drumming efforts. Below are my top 3. Before you read them though, take a second and walk through the new student area on the site. I think you’ll like what you see.

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1. Practice every day This seems like common sense. If you want to improve at something, put the time in everyday. But you would be amazed at how many people know they need to practice daily versus how many actually DO. Even if you just get half an hour on the pad in, you have to get those sticks in your hands on a regular daily basis. I find that if I don’t schedule it into my day ahead of time I will skip it altogether. So as I’m making out my daily schedule, I put down an exact time that I will be sitting down at the drums to practice. When that time comes, I stop everything else and get to work. 2. Keep a practice log/journal If you have followed me and what I teach for any amount of time, you’ve heard me say this. If you are going to improve you have to know where you currently are. I keep a daily practice log of everything that I work on. From lesson preparations to learning songs for gigs to learning new skills. It’s all there. The date, what I worked on, how long I worked on it, how I felt about my progress, and what needs to be done in my next practice session. Just trust me and try it. 3. Get a quality instructor You’re probably saying “Stephen, you’re a teacher, of course you would say that”. I knew the importance of a good teacher long before I became one myself. If you’re going to improve you’re going to need a guide along the way. A knowledgeable teacher is worth their weight in gold when it comes to seeing improvements in your playing. It can be online, in person, or some combination of both. The important thing is to find one. They will correct mistakes in your technique, give you quality material to focus on, and point you in the direction you should be going. And yes, they will cost you a little money. When I was coming up I paid $50 a week for my teacher. And looking back, it was worth every penny. If you don’t currently have a teacher and are in need of a drum teacher, I would love to have you as a student. So to recap: Daily practice, keep a practice journal, get a good teacher. If you do just those 3 things, you will see HUGE gains in your playing. Now…GO PRACTICE!!! -Stephen T.

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September 30th @ 10:00 am – #478 Funk Workout #1 – Beginner September 30th @ 8:00 pm – #479 The Jazz Shuffle – Beginner September 30th @ 8:30 pm – Student Reviews October 1st @ 11:30 am – #106 The Flam – All Levels October 2nd @ 1:00 pm – #108 Flamming It Up Pt.1 – Intermediate October 2nd @ 5:00 pm – #480 Mozambique Bell Pattern #3 – Intermediate