10 Must Know Easy Funk Drum Beats

10 Must Know Easy Funk Drum Beats


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5 comments on “10 Must Know Easy Funk Drum Beats

  1. Isabel Lambert says:

    Thanks loads for this one, Stephen.. and, yeah, I did start sofa dancing listening to the grooves.
    Learning rock, but wanna play funky, too. My email is no longer a total pain to look at.,cos I look forward to the daily uploads landing in my inbox.
    Cheers, Isabelle

  2. Azzedine says:

    Salut Stephen,
    Excellent groove Funk pour débutants et merci pour les partitions Funk.
    Je suis un passionné de Funk et j’aimerai recevoir des partitions de Funk de niveau intermédiaire. Merci.

  3. Trace Burroughs says:

    I thought as part of the free download was the video, which I see above but also a slowed down version.?

    Thank you

    • Stephen says:

      I play each one slower and then at full tempo. As well, you can press the gear icon at the bottom of the video and select a slower playback speed.

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