10 Easy Beginner Funk Drum Fills


10 Easy Beginner Funk Drum Fills


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6 comments on “10 Easy Beginner Funk Drum Fills

  1. Kim Smith says:

    Thank you Stephen, got Achilles Tendinitis at the moment, told to rest for 3/4 weeks. Had to cancel band rehearsal this weekend. Any advice at all please.

    • Stephen says:

      Unfortunately, my advice is you need to rest it. The body will heal itself if we let it. Just don’t push things. Maybe work just on hand studies? Or, set your kit up backwards and work on the non-painful foot? Instead of looking at it as a negative, look at it as a chance to shore up your weak areas and work on other areas.

  2. simon bradshaw says:

    Hey Stephen, just wanted to say thank you for your excellent tutorials, in particular beefing up my fills! They’ve helped me on no end in my quest for becoming an “adequate” drummer and no doubt I could even make it higher with your help. Your teaching manner is a no frills approach which is great all thrown in with a bit of unintentional comedy from time to time….bass drum pedal escapade ???????????????? Looking forward to your next foray…..have a great day and keep up the great work! ????????????????????

  3. Perry says:

    Thanks for sheet notation Stephen, this will keep me busy:)

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