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focus + knowledge = growth
I always knew what to practice, but never seemed to be able to measure progress in a meaningful way. I always suffered cognitively & emotionally because of it. TAOP taught me it wasn’t the material or a lack of ability, it was a lack of knowledge regarding HOW to practice. Since employing the TAOP principles, my growth is intentional & inspirational. It revived my love for learning the instrument.

Marcus Lewis
Chief of Police at UT Southwestern
learn to love your playing 
I learned to love and be patient with my playing. I can’t recommend this course enough. Stephen was very accessible, he answered questions, was enthusiastic and kind. You’re missing out if you don’t do it!

Nadine Kelly
Owner of Yogi M.D.
5 years of material planned!
I was a bit reluctant to invest in a program. I was BLOWN away! It’s absolutely phenomenal what is in this. With the assembly lines I have charted out what I want to work on for the next 5 years! This course is amazing!

Richard Hutton
Master Life Coach
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