Designing Your Yearly Drumming Goals

Designing Your Yearly Drumming Goals

9 comments on “Designing Your Yearly Drumming Goals

  1. Qing says:

    head on the “taking every exit along the high way”!

  2. Alejandra says:

    Nice lesson! It’s a pity I couldn’t be in live!

    I’m always getting so stressed and anxious about the material I am learning, exactly because, as you said, there’s so much to learn, and it’s hard to be sure whether it’s fully incorporated or still not. Specially because the full incorporation (you do it spontaneously when you are jamming, for example) takes quite a lot, and I feel like if I was stucked too much time in the same piece of material. I have to say I’m very perfectionist… Any suggestion/tip?

    • Stephen says:

      Steve Smith has been quoted as saying that it takes him no less than 3 months of daily working on something to be able to begin to see it show up in his playing. Oftentimes longer. Keep a practice journal, set your goals, track to those goals. Refer back to your progress when you feel bad about where you are. The way to learn is slow and steady…that way it sticks. I will spend months on material before it shows up. You’re doing it right Ale!

      • Alejandra says:

        Thanks sensei! It’s good to see that I am not just a snail!! I’ll keep on doing the same way then. I’ve already started to apply part of my practice when jamming, but sometimes I’m so sorry for my friends for not being a little better, and I just feel I want to learn more material for them… but then, since I have not secure it, I feel not confident while playing and I tend to mess up… maybe they do not realize that much but for me it’s such a bad feeling!!

  3. Jeff says:

    I watched this a second time, and at a point when I could take in more of all you convey in this rather powerful message to anyone with an aspiration to play drums (or do anything). I am going to revisit the plan that I assembled at the start and intend to send it off you when it’s ready. I think you really get, how to help people learn to play drums. Thank you.

    • Stephen says:

      Love it. So glad you’re thinking this through so thoroughly. This is where most people get it wrong and it really sets things off on a bad foot from the start. Hit me up if you need any help with things!

  4. Monica says:

    Thank you so much, Stephen! I am a planner by nature and I had figured all this out when I first started here at SDS, but this pandemic really threw me off my path. The good news was that, with my band forced apart for a year, I found some new skills to learn. (Playing the drums by myself just made me too sad.) I’ve taken on-line classes in songwriting, arranging, mixing, and music theory. The bad news was that I forgot to connect these new skills to eventually coming back to being the drummer in this band. I drifted from one half-thought-through vision to another until I stumbled on this video in Quick Tips today. I can feel myself getting back on track now – a new track, to be sure, but a track, nonetheless. I feel SO much better! Hmm, are you licensed as a therapist??!! :-)

    • Stephen says:

      Lol, I’m not licensed as a therapist but my wife would probably tell you I need a therapist some days lol!!!

      So glad this resonated with you. Also, we’re in the process of designing a new website…and the learning management features we’re building in to it are going to be great. Will help with all of this for sure.

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