Ultimate Drumming Hand Speed Workout


Ultimate Drumming Hand Speed Workout


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16 comments on “Ultimate Drumming Hand Speed Workout

  1. L Warda says:

    never hurts to have quicker hands. Thanks to you Stephen.

  2. Colin Reynolds says:

    Hi Stephen
    I will start to practice this starting tomorrow..I will not sign up for anything else , just thought i would like to try this.T get my speed faster.

    • Stephen says:

      No need to sign up for anything else Colin. I just hope you get a lot out of this free lesson, routine, and workbook that come with it.

  3. Al says:

    Conceptually sound and good format. Will practice this the next 30 days and see how it goes. I enjoy your YouTube videos and appreciate what you do for the drumming community.

  4. Patrik Z says:

    This is free lesson but it contains both width and depth and is complete with a long term plan. Tried it for half an hour and I had real fun – I can definitely see this improving my technique and skill in the long run. Will try for 30 days!

  5. Jürgen says:

    I find your explanations really good. now I hope to have enough discipline to practice

  6. I haven’t yet started this but I sure am excited. Thanks, Stephen for this lesson:)

  7. Daryll S. Whitlow says:

    Sorry for the delay. WOW this lesson is amazing. For the last two months I’ve been practicing on my Rudiments, starting slowly. But im excited about this lesson. Im going to get started tomorrow.

  8. Anang Menon says:

    Hey Stephen,
    Just wanted to say thanks a lot for helping me out with a lot of things.
    Your drum lessons are very helpful and wholesome and you’re a very good teacher
    Thanks again.

  9. Anang Menon says:

    Hey Stephen,
    What BPM do you think i should start with for the workout.

  10. Tridib roy says:

    Thank u so much sir,already i have been struggling regarding my handspeed along with techniques..thats really helpful what i got here..thank u so much

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