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This comprehensive trial membership includes:

  • Video lessons covering everything you need to level up your skills
  • ​Custom lesson tracks for drummers of all levels
  • ​Downloadable resources to keep you on track
  • ​Quick tips, hack, and pointers for ongoing success
  • ​Playalong tracks to jam out to your favorite music genres
  • ​Community forums to collaborate with my team & other drummers
  • ​Goal Generator to get clear on your practice areas
  • ​Monthly student challenges with prizes


  • Bonus: Access to tech talk courses
  • ​Bonus: Access to tech talk courses
  • ​Bonus: Monthly guest artist calls

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14 day free trial then $259/year
If you want to learn the drums, Stephen is the guy you want to know. I’ve learned a ton from him…from basic fills and chops to stuff I didn’t ever think I’d be able to play, like some world rhythms and jazz.
I’m no expert by any stretch, but I’m much better than I was a year ago! And the learning will continue.
The site is super well organized. You pick the track you want to learn, and BAM! Everything you need from lessons to assessment criteria is right there. You can even submit it to him for feedback. What could be better?”
- Tim Krakowski • Atlanta, Georgia
Student Testimonial Ashley Hunter
“I have been playing the drums since I was 8 years old until my early 30’s. Like most people I got married and started a family and after buying a home I gave up playing music. 20 years later, my wife Kim and she surprised me with a drum kit that summer. Searching the internet for drum lessons *God knows I was pretty rusty* I came upon dozens and dozens of drumming websites.

One of these sites caught my attention very strongly because of the instructor and how he gave lessons. This website was Stephens Drum Shed.…Stephen, thank you for what you have done for my drumming ability. I am now playing in a band once again and was at the studio recording our music. It’s true what they say, You’re Never Too Old. From one drummer to another, student to teacher, thank you.”
- John Voloshin • Easton, Pennsylvania
Student Testimonial Ashley Hunter
“Thank you for all you do for this community. I’ve said it to you a few times but it’s worth repeating - I’ve learned more since joining SDS than in the previous +15 years from other teachers and on my own.

Just the other day I got an offer for some random drum lesson material and the thought “No thanks, that doesn’t fit within the goals I’ve set” ran through my head like a freight train. That never would’ve happened before as I’ve always been one to chase after that sort of stuff. I’m sure I’m not the only person you’ve impacted to this level so I thought you should hear it again - you rock bro!

The last few years have seen quite the change in my drumming, I’m looking forward to seeing where we go from here!!!”
- Ryan Satnik
Student Testimonial Ashley Hunter
“There are lots of things I like about Stephen’s lessons, but the thing I love the most is his enthusiasm. Every singles lesson is great fun and easy to understand. So, besides learning loads of cool stuff, I always feel inspired to practice more. What more could you ask for?”
- Steve White • Whitney, England
Student Testimonial Ashley Hunter
“Just wanted to let you that The Warrior Way is fantastic.

I subscribed two days ago. Spent a day downloading everything so I could follow along. I've been drumming for 2 years now so still a beginner.

I have gone through The Warrior Way to refresh and rehash what I have already learnt.
I am up to Lesson 4 - Billie Jean.

Having spent thousands of $$$ on private lessons over two years I wish I had started with you from the beginning.

I have already learnt things I didn't know or refreshed on things I did know. I guess I was just scared to trust the internet.

I am so glad I took the chance with you and I will spread the good word over here.

Thank you so much.”
- Simon Danson

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