Top 20 MUST KNOW Easy Beginner Drum Beats


Top 20 MUST KNOW Easy Beginner Drum Beats


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13 comments on “Top 20 MUST KNOW Easy Beginner Drum Beats

  1. Michael Wrights says:

    Thanks, Stephen. I was looking for something fun to add to today’s practice time. Great Idea!

  2. Jack says:

    Thank you, Stephen. Usable and well explained grooves, as always.

  3. Philippe says:

    Thanks, this is good for me !

  4. Philip Long says:

    Thanks Stephen, these are great drum beats to learn and love the lessons.

  5. Booker says:

    Hi, Stephen, I’m wet behind the ears very new to drumming, ? up to you on your series and how you break things down.

  6. Tim Matthew says:

    Thanks so much for this content. Working remotely as a teacher, there are often students who cannot get online, so sending them a link to your video of 20+ beginner beats has been a life saver.
    Thanks Man.

  7. Hi Stephen, just wondering what team do u go for in the AFL. I go for Cats!

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