Elias Rodriguez aka “Frogman”

“My profession is a commercial helicopter pilot. My hobby is being a new drummer. I found that playing the drums is just as difficult as flying a helicopter. Each part of your body is doing something independent of the other. After interviewing several drum teachers I found one I really liked. I found Stephen’s Drum Shed (SDS) on the internet. SDS has a systematic color coded approach that breaks the content down by skill level allowing me to choose a specific student track. As a new drummer I found it very comforting to have access on my phone, laptop or PC, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to The Vault that contains over 350 video lessons. In addition, SDS is a user friendly site that offers me live lessons 5 times a week that later get added to The Vault. I can communicate and have interaction with Stephen via email, live chat, student forums and a student YouTube channel that allows me to upload videos of me drumming so Stephen can give me tips. He will definitely teach you what you need to know from beginner to advanced. I highly recommend his lessons. Stephen is an amazing teacher!”