Structured Practice Sessions

Structured Practice Sessions

6 comments on “Structured Practice Sessions

  1. Richard says:

    Making more progress now that I have structure my practice session. I was just playing what I knew and making noise, now I sound crisp & clean & improving on my bass drum triplets! I am determined to play Good times Bad times!

  2. Donald Perrin says:

    Stephen and Crew:

    The structured practice is working for me, too. I used to try to cram too many varied items into my practice sessions. Having the structured and focused sessions, has taken away the frustration I used to have, because I was not accomplishing what I set out to learn.

    Thanks again,

    Don Perrin

  3. Michael says:

    I just went through a 2-hour practice session today using this method, and all I can say is: It works! I got so much good stuff done, and I felt really good afterwards. Highly recommended :-)

    • Stephen says:

      This sounds totally nerdy, but I live for comments like this one. Truly. You seeing that kind of progress…having such a quick “win”…that’s huge. Keep it up!

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