Scott Williamson Live Lesson

Scott Williamson Live Lesson

Scott is a fantastic studio and touring drummer. Scott began his career in Nashville TN in 1990 and has a catalogue longer than your arm. Fantastic and humble player, we are so happy you all were able to ask him your questions! He will be speaking on playing in a band environment, how to serve the music and answering YOUR questions.

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3:22 – How valuable is playing along to music / what’s the best way to go about doing so? 7:20- How do you use your skills as a drummer, engineer and producer to work in Nashville? How you balance those hats? 14:47 – How do you recover from mistakes? 17:49 – How often do you have to play the exact drum part versus getting to be creative? 20:37 – Does typecasting happen to you in sessions? 22:39 – What was your first paying gig, and when did you decide you wanted to be a drummer? 26:16 – Can you expand on the different kinds of shuffles? 30:01 – When do you dampen drums? Why and how? 32:46 – How do you interact with others during a session? 36:34 – Being a producer who is also a drummer, how do interact with other drummers while you’re producing? 40:38 – Do you get to contribute to the writing process? 42:06 – Is there enough room for everyone in the music business? 48:27 – How do you come up with creative drum parts? 51:08 – Do you do remote sessions?

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  1. Laurence says:

    Hi all – just watched this through and thanks for answering my question! It’s a great watch that covers lots of ground. I just wondered whether you have any plans for a guest lesson series from Scott so some of these topics could be expanded out a little?

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