Make Coming Back to the Drums Feel Like Coming Home
How would it feel to have a system that helps you quickly pick up where you left off, see success, and feel good about your decision to come home?
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John Voloshin - Easton, Pennsylvania
“I have been playing the drums since I was 8 years old until my early 30's. Like most people I got married and started a family and after buying a home I gave up playing music. 20 years the age of wife Kim surprised me with a drum kit. I have watched and listened to Stephen’s lessons, scraping off one layer at a time of rust from my drumming. He showed me how to do things I once knew how to do but had forgotten over the years. He got me back on track and playing things I had long forgotten how to do. I am now playing in a band once again and was at the studio recording our music. It’s true what they say, You’re Never Too Old. From one drummer to another, student to teacher, thank you."
Get it back quick
Coming back to the drums is different. Get back what you had quickly & start moving forward.
No more confusion & frustration
You're not too old. It's not too late. You haven't lost what you had. You just need a plan.
A unique system built on results
Jamming with friends, playing in church, or going pro...a proven system to get you there.
Coming back to the drums can be frustrating...
"My mind thinks I can play how I used to but my body just won't do it!"

Trying to get back in the saddle on the drums but drowning in the firehose of unorganized & random information?

A firehose is a great way to get lots of water, but a HORRIBLE way to drink water. It's the same when you start drumming.

What you need is a plan that's catered to exactly where you are. A plan to get you back to where you were quickly and put you on a path to continued success. A unique system that is simple, personalized, & proven (saving time, energy, & TONS of headaches).

Or you can continue with the current onslaught of random drum information that will leave you frustrated, uncertain, & wasting precious practice time. 
The Drum Better Daily Experience
SAVE 7% 
  • Recurring Quarterly Membership
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Less than 87¢ a day
  • Personalized lesson plan from Stephen upon request
  • Access to 60+ pre-made lesson plans
  • Hundreds of video lessons w/ sheet music
  • Tons of done-for-you lesson resources
  • Weekly student reviews
  • New content added weekly
  • Ask questions directly to Stephen
  • Cancel anytime
SAVE 14%
  • Recurring 6 Month Membership
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Less than 81¢ a day
  • Personalized lesson plan from Stephen upon request
  • Access to 60+ pre-made lesson plans
  • Hundreds of video lessons w/ sheet music
  • Tons of done-for-you lesson resources
  • Weekly student reviews
  • New content added weekly
  • Ask questions directly to Stephen
  • Cancel anytime
  • Recurring Monthly Membership
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Less than 94¢ a day
  • Personalized lesson plan from Stephen upon request
  • Access to 60+ pre-made lesson plans
  • Hundreds of video lessons w/ sheet music
  • Tons of done-for-you lesson resources
  • Weekly student reviews
  • New content added weekly
  • Ask questions directly to Stephen
  • Cancel anytime
 BEST DEAL!Save 28%
  • Recurring Yearly Membership
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Less than 69¢ a day
  • Personalized lesson plan from Stephen upon request
  • Access to 60+ pre-made lesson plans
  • Hundreds of video lessons w/ sheet music
  • Tons of done-for-you lesson resources
  • Weekly student reviews
  • New content added weekly
  • Ask questions directly to Stephen
  • Cancel anytime
Questions? Contact us anytime: or call the studio toll free at 1.888.336.3111

You're not alone...
The DBD program literally has HUNDREDS of members in your exact same place. It's made up of a community of passionate, dedicated, ruthless, focused, and determined drummers.

We like to call ourselves drum warriors. Fighting our own personal battles every day in our practice times and WINNING.

We're motivated knowing we're just ONE practice session away from success.
The DBD Online Campus:
3 critical elements, 1 amazing experience
1. Learning
Structured courses & lessons nestled inside the proven DBD system. Know your goals, work your goals, hit your goals. Boom!
2. Community
Don't be a loner...our community of Drum Warriors will stand side-by-side with you and cheer you on to success.
3. Entertainment
All work & no play makes for a dull day. If you've practiced but still want to have some drum related entertainment, we got ya covered.
Lesson Tracks
Each course (we call them tracks around here) is 8 modules long. Every module includes a 30-60 minute lesson with sheet music & lesson resources. All lesson tracks work through the proven DBD system.
Live Q&A Sessions
Tune in to the regularly scheduled live Q&A sessions with Stephen & team. You can submit your questions beforehand or join live and ask via the chat board. I stay until ALL questions are answered. If you miss it live, they are recorded & posted later for you to watch.
Quick Tips
Ever wonder how to make a quickie song chart? Need tips for dealing with back pain while playing? Want to know how to set up your drum set for your body type? Short, actionable lessons on useful topics.
Reviews & Lesson Plans
We're here to help you succeed. Whether you need a personalized lesson plan, a video review, or you just have a question. There are multiple ways to get timely help from our dedicated team.
Community Forums
The DBD Campus is home to one of the best drumming communities out there. Jump in to the campus forum to meet other members, ask questions, share wins, or just talk about gear.
Campus Clubs
Are you a drummer in high school? A retired veteran of the armed forces? Church drummer? Mom drummer? Jazz drummer? Metalhead? Brand new drummer? No matter what your interest and no matter where you are on your drumming journey, we've got a club for you! Don't see one you like? That's cool, we'll let ya make your own ;^)
Member Challenges
There's nothing like a good challenge...there's also nothing like winning cool swag! Join in on the monthly member challenges to win shirts, sticks, & other drumming swag.
Member News Show
Here at SDS, you're the star. The entire reason we exist is to give you a place to belong and a place to better your drumming. Each month our community manager, Joshua, hosts a member news show that's about...yep, you guessed! All of the new happenings in the online campus, achievements, challenge winners, students of the month, and a ton more. It's a show about you just for you.
Private Members Only Facebook Group
Social media is a part of our daily life at this point. We have a private, members only Facebook group that you can join. I promise, you will never meet a more positive or supportive group of people on Facebook.
Guest Artist Series
Regular industry pro's stop by the studio to share their experiences, playing, & tips. Past artists include Ronnie Tutt (Elvis, Neil Diamond), Jim Riley (Rascal Flatts), Darren King, & more. Oh, and you get to ask them questions during the live artist Q&A sessions!
Tim's Tech Talk
Tim Buell is a staff teacher here at SDS. He's also an amazing drummer, teacher, and a technology nerd (in the best way). This is a section where you can learn about the latest metronome apps, how to record yourself on the cheap, and most anything else technology related. Don't see a topic you need? Just put in a request and Tim will do his best to get to it. Complete with a dedicated Tim's Tech Talk discussion and question area in the forums.
SDS YouTube
Stephen publishes twice weekly to his YouTube channel. Instead of going somewhere else to watch those videos, you can access them in the DBD Campus SDS YouTube section. If they include any resources (sheet music, etc.) those are provided as well with the video on the lesson page.
We love playing the drums, but more than that, we love playing MUSIC. Check out some of the playalongs to give your practice time a kick in the pants!
Hear from some of my favorite students!
“I didn't start playing drums until the age of 35, and I began by scouring the internet to find the best teachers out there. offers everything I've needed to progress as a drummer as quickly and easily as possible. Stephen is extremely knowledgeable, his lessons are easy to follow, the quality of his videos is superb, and the range of lessons (fills, songs, practicing tips, etc.) is unmatched. Thanks for everything you do Stephen - it's been a huge help!”
Jayce Commo - Wisconsin
"I’ve been bouncing around for a while, searching for the right drum teacher for lessons. When all hope was lost, I found Stephen’s lessons on YouTube. And wow, what a difference in my playing ever since I signed up for lessons at"
Annaliese Bronz - Long Island, NY
"I have studied with Stephen since the inception of the Drum Shed. His instruction is top notch. He is always responsive to the needs of his students. With the use of printed sheet music, live streaming or recorded lessons and student video submission, the instruction is totally comprehensive. Stephen is in a constant pursuit of excellence not only in his instruction, but also in his use of technology to deliver the instruction. Lessons of this quality and with the frequency offered would easily cost me over $400 a week in the Dallas area. There is also a vibrant on-line community of his students who are constantly trading ideas and concepts through the use of social media. Stephen's teaching far exceeds any live one-on-one instruction that I have had over the course of the last two decades. Stephen's Drum Shed is the gold standard for on-line learning.”
Marcus Lewis - Dallas, TX
The Drum Better Daily System Is...
a new opportunity to help you reach your personal drumming goals!
Step 1: Signup
Pick your membership level.
14 day money back guarantee.
No tricks. No gimmicks.
Step 2: Start The Warrior Way beginner series
Start our Warrior Way beginner series or have a custom lesson plan made for you by Stephen.
Step 3: Work through the unique DBD system
It's not your fault starting the drums has been frustrating. It's time for a new game plan. No more wasted practice time. No more confusion. No more uncertainty. 
About "The Drum Better Daily" Program
Let me ask you a couple of quick questions...
Do you want to see your drumming grow on a daily basis? To have productive practice times every day? Do you want to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you're working on exactly what you need to be working on? Want a teacher that is 100% devoted to seeing you succeed?

If your answer was "yes" to the above questions, then I think you are a prime candidate for the Drum Better Daily Program. I don't just provide you high quality drum lessons...I lay out a structure and path for you to follow so that you can see transformational change in your playing. Personal, guided, and structured for your success. No matter what level of player you are and no matter what you want to learn on the drums, I provide the lessons and the system that you need to see success.
What makes Drum Better Daily different?
"I've tried online lessons and they just don't work for beginners. They moved too fast, I didn't know what to work on, or how to work on it!"

It's not your fault that you're not seeing progress as you start out on your drumming journey. That you don't know what to work on. The online firehose of information is just too much for a beginner. 

It's time to try a new way. The unique DBD system is personalized, methodical, & results oriented.
A Personal Note
Tired of being frustrated by the Firehose Method of beginner drum lessons?
Hey...Stephen here. I totally understand what you're going through. Been there, done thanks. Believe it or not, there was a 6 year period where I had to step away from the drums. When I first got back in to practicing daily, I didn't know WHAT to do...or where to start. I felt like I should still be able to do the things I used to be able to do. But my body was saying "no way!!!". So I understand firsthand the struggle you're going through. With all of the information available, it can begin to feel like a virtual firehose...overwhelming for any beginner. The fact that you're drowning in that wave of random information is not your fault. With the current digital landscape, we have 24/7 access to everything, but no game plan for how to start playing the drums and seeing progress. The Drum Better Daily program is a new chance for you to use a proven system to help shut off the firehose for good so you can quickly get back what you had and have a roadmap for continued success.
I have heard the same complaints and questions from drummers for years...
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