Posture at the Drum Set


Posture at the Drum Set


8 comments on “Posture at the Drum Set

  1. Will says:

    This explains why my back started to hurt after increasing practice time. That’s super helpful, thanks!

  2. Kristie Mayberry says:

    My body is a train wreck from flipping my methanol burning go cart to getting t- boned by a truck.
    I will definitely be putting this to use during my practice. I have major hip/hip flexor issues AND neck,scapula issues.
    I have placed mirrors on either side of my drum set to keep myself in check.
    Thanks so much for the tips!

  3. Mike says:

    Stephen you are so right after watching this video I went back to mine and yes I’m so slouched. I’m going to work on core stretch hammies , I love buddy rich and never realized how slumped he was . Holy Crap .,fastest hands but crappy back lol Thanks again

    • Truth! So many of us have areas where are posture is just TERRIBLE and we don’t even notice it. But that posture adds up, and over time…we pay for it. Glad you are getting after correcting it! I promise it will pay off. Always has for my drumming, and my life!

  4. Nancy says:

    Where would I find more Battle Tips through the menus? I found this one through a link on an answered question in a comment. Thanks!

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