• Joshua, Thank you for your reply. I took your suggestion and have been working up to the tempo. I still need to work on creativity. I should be passable by Friday. I also, I had to practice playing the groove at that tempo and then going in and out of a solo.

    Marcus, that is a great idea. I tried it and it sounds realllly good. Thanks!


  • I’ve been playing with a couple of guys. Very talented. Because of the lessons I’ve been able to hang in there and thus far they’ve been very positive. However, last night we were rehearsing a fast 170bpm blues song. And the guitarist and bass player did some really nice soloing on it (they’ve played it a bunch of times together) and then my turn…[Read more]

  • @Marcus – I had the simliar revelation about my kick foot during the groove tract. And like you I started the bass drum track. I never considered the rudiment tract for creativity. But I will definitely start that track next. Thank you for the recommendation.

  • I am curious about what lesson or lesson tract impacted your playing the most? And why?

    For me it’s been the groove track. I was surprised how much more even my playing has gotten. Which is kind of surprising since so many of the “grooves” aren’t things I would play normally. I’ve had some nice complements lately.

    Now I need to work on creativit…[Read more]

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    Hilarious post! My yellow labrador used to come and lay her head right on top of my bass drum foot. Her head would bob up and down while I played. I was so worried that I would hurt her hearing that I would play as softly as possible – barely touching the drum heads.

  • Walt replied to the topic Show Us Your Kit! in the forum Gear Talk 4 years, 8 months ago

    These drums are 55+ years old. My dad bought them direct from Camco back in the early 60’s. He played in many bands back in the 60’s-70’s. Eventually, they ended up his basement where they sat for 20 years. When he passed, I inherited them. They were in terrible shape. Each of the drums was a different color – one was wrapped. I spent parts of a…[Read more]

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