• Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! So I made the adjustments to my bass pedal. Adjusted the beater to approximately 45 degrees and then loosened the spring. What a HUGE difference. Not only do I have more control, and getting solid hits every time. It’s easier to play and my leg is less tired :)

    Thank you for the help!


  • Thank you for the suggestions! I will work on one adjustment at a time and see how it improves. When you say tension on the pedal is that the spring tension or the angle of the pedal?

    Thank you again everyone for all your help!

  • Thanks for the info. I started watching the bass drum control series and already picked up a few tips!  Here are the pictures! Please let me know if you need them larger or some better ones. It’s harder than you’d think to crawl around on the floor under your kit to take pictures of your bass pedal :)

    Yes it is a bit frustrating, however I know…[Read more]

  • Hi Marcus!

    I definitely can get some pictures, I’ll just have to enlist my hubby to give me some assistance. As for the series I was searching the site and was having difficulty knowing which might be helpful. I didn’t want to watch all the videos and not find what I needed :)

    Thanks for the help! I’ll get working on those pictures!

  • Hello all! I am really hoping someone can help me with this! I have an Iron Cobra 900 pedal, that I am having some issues with. As I have been working to increase my speed I am not getting consistent contact with the bass drum. I am only up to 85 BPM so it’s not like I’m going super fast. For instance I am working on learning Tom Petty’s Free…[Read more]

  • Started drumming 6 months ago and bought a used beginner kit (no name) on craigslist. First was to see if I actually liked drumming (who wouldn’t) and then if I could actually learn. Thanks Stephen for being a great teacher. OK so my plan has been to upgrade items as needed for better learning/improvement of my kit. So I just got some new upgrades…[Read more]

  • Is there any way we could get Audioslave Getaway car? I have been learning that and finding that I am missing parts and have not been able to find accurate sheet music. Thanks for the help! LOVE SDS :)

  • I just started Beginner Track 2 last week. So working on the Moeller stroke. Finding muscles in my shoulder that I didn’t know where there :) I am also working on learning Getaway car by Audioslave. It’s fairly slow which at this point in my learning I need. I found a dumbed down version of it which I have learned and gotten the basics. Now I…[Read more]

  • Ric! LOL! “Hitting things with twigs” I love it! I recently saw an interview with Barry Kerch from Shinedown, he was trying to downplay his part. He said “Oh I just count and hit things”. Very excited to be learning!

    Yes, that is the Stig :) Like the old Top Gear with Hammond, May, & Clarkson but also my husband and I also race cars at our local…[Read more]

  • Thank you so much! I knew the technical definition and it just wasn’t making sense in relation to drumming. Your explanation is perfect! Thank you again :)

  • Not sure if I am over thinking things or just confusing myself. Going through the beginner track 1 and the reading sheet music lessons. Could I please get some clarification on downbeat vs upbeat? :) I think I am not quite understanding what it means.

  • Hello! I have been drumming for approximately 1 month! For years I would talk about learning, my husband finally talked me into it :)  Got a used kit of Craigslist and just trying to learn. Wanted something usable but cheap to start off with learning and seeing if I can get the hang of it. LOVE Stephen’s way of teaching so I decided to sign up.…[Read more]

  • Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to find accurate drum sheet music? I can find piano, guitar, and bass all day long. Maybe part of my problem is I’m looking for rock music. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)