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    Last gig I played the drummer from the next band on took up a seat where he could watch me the whole time. It’s happened more than once now actually, totally nerve wracking. Especially when you see him point at something and then say something to the guy next to him.
    I had to reign it in because I knew the nerves might make me blow anything to technical.

  • My biggest hurdle is total insecurity about my playing.

    When I look at my drumming in the cold light of day, I’m really not the worst drummer in the world by any measure. I have my weaknesses sure but I’m at least not TERRIBLE and I do somethings really well. The problem is I can never really look at my drumming that way for very long. I’ve often…[Read more]

  • @Stephen

    Its the only way. i’ve been working on soloing lately and everything sounds so much better if you leave the ego and chops behind, but its really hard to do! Because when you perform it you just know someones going to be judging on how complicated and fast it was.

  • has some sheet music for rock and pop. I think you will have to pay though.

    Sometimes you can find stuff on Scribd, and they have a free 30 day trial.

    If you’re OK with tabs Ultimate Guitar also has a lot of drum tabs, I dunno how accurate they are though

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    Great job on the restoration, they look absolutely stunning.

  • I think I’m most creative when I go and just mess about on the drums for fun. I think its a nice break from learning something specific and just discovering things on your own by random mistakes.

    A cool thing I ended up doing lately is playing a half time shuffle between the left foot and right hand. Its hard but it sounds really cool.

    I wish I…[Read more]

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    You couldnt make that up!

    If I get in I really hope it is a quality program. Ive heard great things about the place but my audition kinda threw me.

    I decided I’d show off what I’m best at so I picked a few grooves that let me do some fancy ghost notes on the snare and show off some left foot independence. I’m pretty proud of those things! I even…[Read more]

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    “Yamaha 18″ floor tom”

    That’s no floor tom, what you got there is a bass drum at a funny angle :-P

    Love the white finish, its just so classy and different.

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    Hi Guys and Girls

    My name is Devin and I’m from Cork, Ireland.

    I guess I first started drumming when I was 12? I really wanted a drum kit but we didn’t have the space so my parents bought me a pair of bongos. I loved those things and still have them, I actually played until my hands were bleeding lol.

    Few years later when I was around 16 I was…[Read more]