Keeping Time Internally

Keeping Time Internally

What do drummers do? We keep time. This lesson is all about how to internalize your time keeping, and help you lead the band confidently.

6 comments on “Keeping Time Internally

  1. Kirk says:

    Nothing ever changes it’s always a great lesson.Thank you for your knowledge and time.

  2. Joshua says:

    As a new drummer/old guy who is self taught this is one thing I have always wondered. Do good drummers still have to count? You can’t know what is going on in someone’s head by watching the play. Thanks so much.

    • Stephen says:

      Yea, they still count. Although it may not be all of the time, or only during certain sections. So the counting eventually can go on autopilot, but you still have to count to the point that you know where you are in the song.

  3. Donald says:

    Hey Stephen,,, I’m always trying to count the time “out load “ with any music I’m listening to but I lose it when a different voice come in I.e. bass , guitar, keyboards,vocals, I guess I’m just letting myself get distracted????

    • Stephen says:

      Yea, you’re just getting distracted. Like anything else, the counting out loud is a skill you have to practice and work on. I still have to work on it with some things these days. So, don’t feel bad…you’re totally normal lol

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