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Are You Ready To Groove With Confidence?
A step-by-step system that revolutionizes your ghost notes, transforms your groove, & helps you love your playing
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Know how loud, how often, & where to put every note. Groove like your favorite players.
You'll have a proven method to stop your groove busters in their tracks & sound like a pro.
75% OFF + $129 in bonuses | Start now
$29 one-time payment

How It Works

This INSANE Offer Includes...

  • Ghost Note Mastery 8 Week Course ($129 Value @ 75% OFF)
  • ​​FREE Complete Bass Drum Technique 8 Week Course ($129 Value FREE)

What You Will Get

  • 8 week program to help you WIN when it comes to your groove
  •  A blueprint to help you FEEL GOOD about your progress
  • A proven system to create BOOTY SHAKIN' beats
  • ​Access to a community that is CRAZY OBSESSED with drumming
  • Access to a DRUM SCHOOL with a proven track record of student success

How Will I Teach You

  • Lessons: Each of the 8 modules has an in depth 30-45 minute pre-recorded drum lesson
  • Masterclasses: One 20-30 minute big picture pre-recorded masterclass per module
  • Practice Breakout Sessions: Bonus video to show you EXACTLY how to apply the material in your practice time for the fastest results (20-30 minutes each)
  • Course Completion Materials: Sheet music, course resources, & lesson completion software to help you track your progress
  • ​Feedback: Personal feedback from me on your progress as well as answers to any of your questions as you work through the material

What You're Getting For FREE

  • Exclusively with this offer, you get my entire Complete Bass Drum Technique Course ($129 Value), downloadable, to keep FOREVER
  • ​Topics covered IN DEPTH are Heel Up, Heel Down, Combining Heel Up & Heel Down, Constant Release, Rocking Motion, Heel Toe, & Adding The Hands To All Of It (9 lessons total)
  • ​Sheet music with detailed exercises to MASTER ALL foot techniques
  • ​This has NEVER BEEN AVAILABLE outside of the members area of my Online Drum School...until now.
75% OFF + $129 in bonuses | Start now
$29 one-time payment
Stop wasting time & start winning
It's not your fault. You've been told that great drumming is about speed & flash. But we know that's not right. Deep down you know it's built on solid truths like groove, feel, dynamics, control, & consistency. Choose to transform your groove using a simple & proven system (saving time, energy, & TONS of headaches). 
Or change nothing and stay frustrated, unhappy, uncertain, & wasting precious practice time. 
I personally teach you my unique system for applying the ghost notes to the drum set to help you build a richer sound, have a deeper pocket, & express yourself more on the drums
Download and keep all lesson videos, exercises, & resources. Use this same time saving system on any groove exercises for the same proven results.
Join the thousands of drummers that have used these same systems to revolutionize their playing. The key to less frustration, less wasted time, & more progress.
Limited time 75% OFF Ghost Note Mastery Pricing + $129 in FREE Bonuses
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"I can honestly say that I've learned more memorable, versatile and useful drum info and techniques than all my former years and teachers combined!"
Christo Young
An organized 8 module course
A complete lesson course to ensure that you are able to apply ghost notes to your grooves, fills, & solos. Put the days of half-learning your behind you.
The Tools You Need
Each module of the course includes a 30-45 minute lesson video, a 20-30 minute practice breakout session video, & a 20-60 minute masterclass on big picture topics.
24/7 Lifetime Access
All content will be streamable, & downloadable. Can't work through the course immediately? No problem...come back to it when you have the time.
75% OFF + $129 in bonuses | Start now

Lessons Include
Masterclasses Include
  • Lesson 1: Introductory Patterns for Static Ghosting 
  •  Lesson 2: Punch/Jab, Jab/Punch, and the Jab/Punch/Jab  
  •  Lesson 3: Progressive Patterns for Static Ghosting  
  •  Lesson 4: Functioning With Static Ghost Notes  
  •  Lesson 5: Reactive Ghosting - Kick Singles  
  •  Lesson 6: Hi-Hat Patterns for Ghosting Application Part 1
  •  Lesson 7: Hi-Hat Patterns for Ghosting Application Part 2 
  •  Lesson 8: Reactive Ghosting - Kick Doubles
  • Stick heights, consistency, & clarity
  • Ghost notes at faster tempos
  • In depth technique breakdown for the jab/punch & punch/jab methods
  • How to break out of old ghosting patterns & be intentional about     your ghosting 
  • Transforming Your Fills Using Ghost Notes 
  • How to avoid overplaying 
  • Snare setup tips for best sound & where to play them on the drum 
  • Getting the perfect internal drum mix, the true purpose of ghost notes, & more! 
Each of the 8 modules in the course includes...

  • ​24/7/365 Lifetime access to ALL materials included in the course
  • ​30-45 minute video lesson (named above) 
  • 20-30 minute practice breakout video session where I show you how to work through the material in your own practice time and apply it to your playing. 
  • A Masterclass (20-60 minutes each) on big picture topics and applications (named above) 
  • Sheet music for all exercises 
  • Tons of downloadable PDF's and lesson resources to help you set and hit your goals
  • Ability to download all lessons, masterclasses, & sheet music
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Be one of the thousands that have changed their drumming for the better
"When all hope was lost, I found Stephen’s lessons on YouTube. And wow, what a difference in my playing ever since I signed up for lessons at"

Annaliese Bronz
"I can honestly say that I've learned more memorable, versatile and useful drum info and techniques than all my former years and teachers combined!"

Christo Young
"Simply put, in fifteen years of drumming, no DVD, lesson, magazine article or book has helped me more than the Shed."

Tim Bean
75% OFF + $129 in bonuses | Start now

This Is Not "Online Drum Lessons".
This Is An Online Drum School.
It's not that we're better than everyone else. We're not. It's that we're different than everyone else. Ever felt that way?

While the rest surf around and watch random online drum lessons, we dig in deep on specific problem areas in our drumming. While others have general "resolutions", we have specific goals. And we hit them. Daily.

Others aim to just hit the target. We aim to hit the bulls eye dead center every time.

Others are overwhelmed. We're on a mission. Others think that value comes from "more more more". We know value comes from a deeper focus on less material. The right material, the right time, the right person.

Others think learning from 184 different artists is fun...we just find it confusing. Others follow the crowd chasing fun "licks" and "tricks". We seek to learn complete concepts that will help us become better musicians.

Some will call us crazy. We just call ourselves drummers.
75% OFF + $129 in bonuses | Start now

75% OFF + $129 in bonuses | Start now

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