Drumming in Church

Stephen Taylor

3 Tips for Drumming in Church

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Every week there are literally thousands of drummers that play in a church setting. I recommend the experience for anyone. There are some church drumming gigs that are paid but many of them are on a volunteer basis. While it’s a great environment to play in, it does hold it’s own challenges. You have to be aware of a lot more than just making the music happen. You have to know how to take a room full of non-musically inclined people and lead them through a song service. Watch the video below for my top 3 tips on playing in church (I’ve been playing in church for 17 years now…I know a few things about it). At the end of the video is a 15 minute long clip of me playing live here at a church in Nashville. Watch through it to help you get a feel for the things I talk about in the lesson as well as a look at how the band communicates.

3 Tips for Drumming in Church

Just to review them, the 3 tips are… 1. This is a group event 2. Watch your fills 3. You’re responsible for the time And never forget the Golden Rule of playing in church…IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU!!! Now…GO PRACTICE!!! -Stephen T.

January 2014 lesson schedule

January 20th @ 10:00 am – #532 Advanced Grooves in 6/4 – Advanced January 20th @ 8:00 pm – #533 Rock Tom Grooves #4-6 – Intermediate January 20th @ 8:30 pm – Student Reviews January 21st @ 11:30 am – #124 The Flam Accent – All Levels January 22nd @ 1:00 pm – #125 The Flam Accent Applied – Intermediate January 22nd @ 5:00 pm – #534 Cowbell Funk 1 – Beginner January 27th @ 10:00 am – #535 Putting the Hi-Hat in Your Fills Part 2 – Intermediate January 27th @ 8:00 pm – #536 Implied Time Study 5 – Advanced January 27th @ 8:30 pm – Student Reviews January 28th @ 11:30 am – TBA January 29th @ 1:00 pm – Cowbell Funk 2 – Intermediate January 29th @ 5:00 pm – TBA