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Each week at Stephen’s Drum Shed, nearly three hours of drum lessons are live streamed, filmed, edited, and posted to the site. That’s over ten hours of new video drum lessons and interactive content added each month! As a member, you have a vast amount of goal oriented drum instruction to keep your playing focused and progressing. Each lesson comes with individual lesson assessment criteria that will let you know your current level for that topic, and when to move on. You will not find another drum education source as dedicated to teaching you how to play the drums with fresh, organized, and fun teaching methods.
A subscription to StephensDrumShed.com allows you access to any lesson, at anytime, on any topic, to watch as many times as you want. There is no limit to how many times you can watch a lesson, and all sheet music is available to be downloaded as many times as you want.

Structured learning, goal oriented lessons, on topics you want to learn

To learn the drums online you need two things, a structured environment and relevant, goal oriented material. No student should just be fed random videos and live lessons with no clear direction or purpose. Instead, Stephens Drum Shed has two sections that separate your learning into different areas with the structure to support it.
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The lesson area is where the learning happens. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, there are countless lessons that will teach you the basics or push you to further heights in your playing. Members have the option of picking only the lessons they want to watch, getting involved in the live lessons, starting a student track that develops their skills in one specific area with a test at the end, or by learning one of the many songs that are broken down in the lessons.
The focus of all the lessons in The Drum Shed is self assessment. You are not only given a lesson but the criteria to evaluate how you are doing in that area.

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The practice room is where you begin to apply what you have learned in the lessons. The tools in this area are aimed at practical application and structured development. If you have ever had trouble organizing your practice times, then the How To Practice section is for you. You will be given specific strategies, tips, and exercises to begin to learn how to maximize the time that you spend in the practice room. If you are interested in practicing your soloing abilities, The Art of Soloing section is for you! Go through soloing exercises with Stephen…trade fours, work on concept ideas…it’s all there. The play alongs section is dedicated to giving you great sounding music to help your practice times fly by. And finally, if you’re having trouble understanding some musical terms, there is a glossary of common terms that you can begin to commit to memory.

Hundreds of drum lessons, available anytime, to view as much as you want. The lessons also include…

  • Downloadable PDF sheet music
  • HD or SD viewing options
  • An assessment criteria that helps you test yourself
  • Full email and phone support for all questions
  • Regular size or full screen viewing options
  • 24/7 viewing availability

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