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  • HUGE 53% discounted former student price ($191 annual savings)
  • FREE ​Personalized Lesson Plan From Stephen ($50 Value)

ONE TIME OFFER: Ghost note's got ya scared? This short workshop is geared towards…strengthening your groove by targeting your ghost notes. I’ll show you how to work on your dynamic levels, you’ll learn the ghost note ritual, & then we’ll apply it in a practical setting. Includes a 10 page PDF booklet of exercises, 4 video lessons, and a TON of applications to keep your practice times productive. Only $19! This is the most information in terms of number of exercises and combinations that I’ve ever put into a downloadable series.

What drummer's are saying...
What I thought would take me months to learn, was taught to me by an incredible teacher who broke everything down into small sections so I could really understand what was going on! If you could bottle what Stephen has and sell it, you would be a millionaire. First class tuition from a top class teacher…and an animal of a drummer!
-Ashley Hunter, Dublin, Ireland
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  • An organized system of lessons that works
  • Personalized Lesson Plan From Stephen ($50 Value)
  • Access to hundreds of drum lessons
  • Access to over 70 lesson plans
  • New content added weekly
  • Killer lesson resources to help you reach your goals
  • Downloadable sheet music with every lesson
  • Private student forums & Facebook page
  • Regularly live streamed Q&A sessions
  • Real time chat in the live streams with Stephen and the other students
  • Comment and email support
  • Access to a community of drummers that want to see you succeed!
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Just to be clear, you're signing up for the discounted recurring annual (yearly) level of the Drum Better Daily membership program at Stephens Drum Shed.
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