Improve Your Timing

The Rundown

Having great timing is one of the most vital skills a drummer needs. While every member in a band should have good “timing” – it is the drummers job to lay the ground work for the sense of time in a performance. While timing is one of the most important things we need to work on as drummers, we rarely spend focused time only on improving our timing. Most of the time we are “working on timing” while doing other exercises…but not today. The topics we’ll be discussing in this lesson track are: Lesson 1: How to Practice with a Metronome Lesson 2: Practicing at Slow Tempos Lesson 3: Practicing at Fast Tempos Lesson 4: Drop Out Metronomes Lesson 5: Locking in Subdivisions Lesson 6: The Metronome Game: Part 1 Lesson 7: The Metronome Game: Part 2 Lesson 8: Advanced Subdividing If you have any questions while you are going through this track, that’s why we are here. Please feel free to email us at Just click on the purple “LESSON 1” icon to get started. Now…GO PRACTICE!!!