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The Bass Drum Boot Camp
The program that transforms your kick drum foot in less than 30 days...
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"It will blow your bass drum foot away"

"Stephen has done it again. Yet another smokin' hot product from the great man himself. This course is going to blow your bass drum foot a good way of course! If you're looking to spice up your bass drum technique then I highly recommend this course. Keep up the great drum lessons, Stephen!"
- Rob Litten, Founder & Owner of
What is The Bass Drum Boot Camp?

Simply put, The Bass Drum Boot Camp is a wake up call for your kick foot. This intense video series will make your foot scream for mercy. The exercises are focused on endurance, stamina, clarity, and speed. All of the exercises are timed, so you'll know exactly how long you need to spend on each one before moving on to the next. The best part is, it only takes half an hour of your time every day. That's it. Who would have thought you could double your kick drum speed and endurance in just half an hour?
This compact downloadable drum camp includes:

5 downloadable videos:
-An introduction to the plan and explanation of the exercises
-A beginners workout
-An intermediate workout
-An advanced workout
-A stretching and muscle strengthening session.

BONUSES that you get:
-A downloadable PDF booklet of the exercises
-A daily goal and speed chart to keep up with your progress
-A dedicated foot camera shot in every workout

"If you follow this program you could transform your kick drum becoming faster, more confident, and more consistent within the next 30 days..."
-Stephen Taylor

You finally have a thorough plan to increase your kick drum stamina and speed using these step by step exercises. As a bonus, it also includes a video that will take you through post workout stretches and exercises targeted specifically to work the muscles involved with hitting the kick drum. 
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