Beginner Drum Lessons

As a beginner on the drums, the amount of information you need to learn can be overwhelming. We can fix that. You need to take the time to lay a firm foundation to build your drumming upon. We have designed 3 tracks to walk you through your first 24 drum lessons. Each track lasts 8 weeks and contains 8 lessons. One lesson per week. We guide you through topics such as setting up your kit, developing good hand technique, playing your first groove, playing your first fills, and more. Avoid that overwhelming feeling and the bad habits that plague so many drummers.

The beginner lessons found in The Drum Shed will help you deal with the dirty details of starting your drumming journey. Topics include how to set up your drums for you, how to properly hold the sticks, how to construct a results oriented practice time, finger control, and much more. Whether you are a complete beginner, or a self taught player just looking to fix bad habits, these lessons will give you the skills and knowledge you need to achieve your drumming goals!

Never played?

These lessons assume you have never touched a drum stick. They will take you from the very basics of drumming, to the level of playing consistent time with good technique.
This will give you the launching pad you need to send your drumming into orbit!

  • How to set your kit up
  • Holding the sticks
  • Different strokes
  • The various grips
  • How to read music
  • Keeping consistent time
  • Playing basic fills

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Self taught?

Some of the greatest drummers out there are self taught. However, even they, at some point, had help in fixing the holes in their playing. Continue your natural development as a player with and speed up your progress with quality instruction.

  • Proper stroke techniques
  • Why the different grips?
  • Counting subdivisions
  • Maximizing practice times
  • How to count odd time signatures
  • Playing with metronomes
  • Common bad habits and fixes

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